Why TermoBuild

Mission Statement

TermoBuild offers high-quality solutions for Net Zero Energy and Sustainable Hybrid Buildings at below conventional costs. Our motto, “building green in a concrete world,” describes the commitment to promoting healthy indoor living and low carb (on) buildings.

“Building Green in a Concrete World”

TermoBuild engineers know how to translate the value of thermal storage into simple to understand heating and cooling requirements. Using a system based on the modern Hollow Core Platform invented in Canada in the early 1950s, TermoBuild is creating a new generation of hybrid buildings.

Our team of environmentally-minded engineers consider your building development projects a top priority. By working with TermoBuild engineers during the pre-construction stage, our clients save on long-term energy costs and significantly reduce their impact on the environment. And, in an industry where initial expenses rule, our method does not cost more to implement than the blueprint.
By building green one project at a time, we are transforming the building industry and leading the way towards an environmentally healthy future.