CHALLENGE: Storing cooling and heating energy where it’s needed.

SOLUTION: Termobuild Green Team provides services to make it work.

Radiant heating and radiant cooling without wet systems.

From the ground up our approach is contrasting sharply with the way design decisions are made. This approach helps to avoid paralysis of too many Indoor Comfort alternatives. This method is not about current cheerleading around new indoor comfort products and systems. It illustrates how critical thinking and integrated design leads to multiple rewards.

  • Learn more about basic principles of Radiant Heating and Cooling: The Holistic Approach to Energy Efficiency from web link below.

TERMOBUILD integrated design solution activates dormant thermal properties of pre-cast concrete to deliver radiant comfort without wet systems. As a result simple and instantly rewarding sustainable initiatives can be implemented to heat and cool buildings using basic off-the-shelf pre-cast products and HVAC equipment.

In addition it delivers smart grid-ready distributed thermal energy storage (TES) solution for peak demand management the Power Utilities are promoting supported by incentives.

By leveraging the higher efficiencies associated with generating and transmitting power off-peak, storing it at thousands of distributed locations, and dispatching it during times of peak demand, TES delivers a sustainable new energy solution equivalent to hundreds of megawatts of clean peaking power for utilities.

This makes it possible for utilities, for the first time, to use cleaner, more efficient and less expensive off-peak power to produce and store energy to meet peak demand. For energy consumers, this means reduced daytime energy consumption, lower energy costs and a reduced environmental footprint, with the need to operational or behavioral changes.


Market leading technical support dedicated to architectural and engineering communities is available to you now. Our sales representatives have in-depth knowledge about thermal storage and how you can apply it to a variety of buildings. We want you to have all the specialized information you’ll need to properly design and specify high performance buildings where radiant HVAC system is built in and forms inseparable part of your building. Our comprehensive information, specification guidelines, downloadable CAD drawings and details will assist you in creating comfortable, productive living environments for your clients and their tenants. Whatever the size or complexity of your next project Termobuild has the answer to make your next project a sucess.   Contact our Green Team with any questions you may have at:

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