Q&A for Architects

Why do you need our services?

Our minimalistic “smart” floor design solution eliminates the need for bulky mechanical systems giving you more clear space to work with and a better experience for end user.

Termobuild Smart Floors with Is not just a solution delivered to the site. It’s where smart money goes for better returns and a lower risk.

As architects now you can gain advantage with today’s “high performance” standards and position yourself and your business for new and profitable developments that are already on the horizon with low energy buildings.

When is the best time to engage us.

Our building solution goes beyond the scope of conventional mechanical engineers since they do not have commercially available tools for advanced integration. Engaging our service is ideal in early design stage when mechanical engineers may not even be involved. Together we can create a design brief for them c/w valuable inputs on integrated design solution required for Building permit, Fire Code compliance and tendering.


Any need to change your architectural design to suit our method?

Many of your designs already have the right building blocks in place and are ready to activate dormant concrete floor as thermal energy storage, radiant heating and cooling panels. Basic indoor comfort equipment easily adapts to local circumstances when linked with “Smart” floors.

How to substantiate Termobuild “smart” floor solution.

We Offer free concept/schematic advice and details for integrating HVAC with concrete floors +

If required we can Generate preliminary estimates of capital cost + energy consumption.


The idea of Termobuild integrated solution shifts the focus from individuals products based on price to a bundle offering that meets broader customer needs.

Our design inputs in just one short meeting can address the following issues:

How our solution may have a positive impact on your architectural design +

Offer concept/schematic advice and details for integrating HVAC with concrete floors +

Generate preliminary estimates of cost + energy consumption.

The answers will eliminate the question if your strategy matches your competitive environment?

Support Services

For many busy professionals learning how to make use of dormant concrete can be difficult. We realize that your particular project needs to be analyzed specifically, accurately and in context with your designs.

Keep in mind successful buildings do not require radical rethinking to enable green energy solutions that cost less. If you design, own, manage or are seeking to invest in green real estate, Termobuild is for you to effectively incorporate thermal mass, energy storage, radiant heating and radiant cooling into the building process of your Green School, Green College or Green University. It makes business sense. Ask us about payback analysis for your project. The the answer may surprise you.

Building better buildings with conventional materials

Concrete hollow core slabs are strategically placed between the floors and ceilings in order to facilitate the principle of thermal mass in which naturally occurring heating and cooling is captured, stored and released on demand. Position your company for new developments  with low energy or net zero/intelligent buildings critical in attaining enhanced market appeal and competitive advantage.

Indoor Comfort

Producing a reliable, more efficient and less costly radiant heating and radiant coolingl is an important step in making indoor comfort more competitive. But it is only part of the bigger picture, or the ‘balance of system’.

Advanced integration.

How to engage dormant concrete and improve performance potential of any building?Sometimes the quickest route to greater efficiency isn’t a new technology, but rather  using existing technologies in new and different ways.By storing cool energy at night, demand peak loads are reduced and the need for bulky mechanical A/C is systems also decreased by day. This parlays into the building’s elimination of wet systems in exchange for radiant heating and radiant cooling.

Acoustical treatment.

Green Schools successfully address the acoustical issues during design stage.

Indoor Comfort

Advanced integrated solution can work as Dedicated Outdoor Air System. Learn more how it could work efficiently  on your project.