Q&A for Engineers


Challenge: For many busy professionals learning how to make use of dormant concrete as thermal energy storage vessel can be difficult.

Solution: Termobuild Green Team provides services to make it work. As specialists in thermal mass and energy storage we realize that your particular project needs to be  analyzed specifically, accurately and in context with your designs. Termobuild brings thermal energy storage, radiant comfort and improved indoor air quality to you like no other.

Applications: Advanced thermal energy storage can be used in a wide array of large and small buildings. Our  integrated design solutiona will help your green schools, green colleges and green universities redefine how the buildings will be built in the new millennium . Contact us and get the tools you need to equip your design team with advanced green strategies.

Humidity and Condensation

Air driven radiant cooling systems do not attract condensation in a way the wet systems sometimes do.

Contact us and get the tools you need to equip your design team with advanced green strategies.

Green Tip # 1, ASHRAE GREEN GUIDE 2003

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) for new construction is a cost effective technology to store energy directly where needed that can be achieved through use of hollow core slabs to convert off-peak electricity and deliver year round comfort for a new home or new business 24 hours a day. 

Please feel free to contact our Termobuild Green Team with any questions you may have about our method.

Building/Fire Code Compliance.

Radiant air conditioning systems with properly installed ductwork are building code compliant.

 •Fire Rating: Typical hollow core slabs have two-hour fire rating.

 •Ventilation Rates: Generally exceed ASHRAE’s minimum 62.0 fresh air requirements.

•Acoustics: Sound treatment should be considered in any design. 


Advanced Structures

Developers, owners and operators are continually “sharpening their pencils” to build and run green buildings for maximum return on investment (ROI). An understanding of thermal storage effect influencing both short-term project performance as well as long-term expectations is essential.

Termobuild all air-driven radiant heating/cooling method is based on two integrated and indivisible aspects – radiant heating/cooling + thermal storage and is applicable in any climate. Now you can add more value to integrated low energy or net zero, intelligent building designs.

Air Diffusers

Air diffusers used in Termobuild designs can be found in any local distributors shop.