TERMOBUILD® method is suitable for many conventional and low energy buildings like:

• Colleges, Universities, Schools
• Office Buildings
• Old age, Nursing homes, Hospitals
• Hotels, Resorts
• Long Term Care
• Shopping Centers, Retail Malls
• Medical Buildings, Animal Clinics
• Fitness Clubs, Recreation Centers
• Places of Worship


Our condensed web site is focused on the basic principles and may have left you with lingering questions on how the system may be applied to your new building designs in your climate. We recognize this and in response, would like to offer a free preliminary evaluation of your project to show you how well it can fit with your initiatives. Most importantly, the customized information would help you strategize in the preparation of drawings and specifications for building permits as well as tendering by multiple bidders.


Recent Successes


TERMOBUILD Educational Building

Termobuild method of pairing ventilation with pre-cast floors makes it easy to take advantage of today’s “high performance” standards and position your buildings for new developments already on the horizon with low energy buildings, and more.

Tell us at: about your new project and learn how you can turn it into best performing building in your portfolio.



Awards and Accolades

• Featured as “Green Tip #1” by ASHRAE Green Guide 2003
• Sheridan College in Brampton, Ontario was voted “Best Building of 2006” by Construct Canada
• Winner of the 2006 Concrete Award for Sheridan College in Brampton, Ontario