As a developer now you can find bigger and better value with a solution that shifts the focus from individuals products based on price to a bundle offering that meets broader business needs and better ROI. Termobuild “Smart” floors are setting performance beyond the technology limitations.

“Simplicity is the Ultimate sophistication”. Leonardo da Vinci

“Smart” Floors with Termobuild Is not just a solution delivered to the site it’s where the smart money goes for better returns and lower risk by setting performance beyond the technology limitations.

By using our method you can take advantage of today’s “high performance” standards and position yourself and your business for new and profitable developments already on the horizon with low energy buildings. How?

Consider minimalist building design that emphasizes indoor comfort respects your budget and meets the triple bottom line: environmental, economic and social agenda. Our “smart” floors are minimize your up-front expenditure and immediate benefits (rather than paying off in the long term).fully aligned with your goals.

They set performance beyond the technology limitations.

Termobuild is simply a the sleek, sophisticated air-driven concrete cooling and radiant heating solution without wet systems that replaces traditional bulky and wasteful heating/cooling systems in buildings by setting performance beyond the technology limitations.

We work with developers that are on the lookout for new ways to enhance new buildings particularly when it comes to increasing comfort, energy efficiency, safety, sustainability and cost effectiveness.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for heating and cooling your new building project, then you should consider how the TermoBuild method uses ordinary materials to produce extraordinary results.

Business Value

If you currently own, manage, plan to design or are seeking to invest in green real estate, TermoBuild is right for you. Our all air-driven radiant heating and radiant cooling system is based on two integrated and indivisible aspects – that is, radiant heating/cooling + thermal storage. Most important, the system is applicable and operates in any climate.

Technical background

As a brief technical background, the premise of TermoBuild is based on increasing a building’s intelligence by implementing the scientific principle of thermal storage that is able to capture, store and release heating and cooling energy upon demand through strategically-placed concrete hollow core slabs integrated into the building at the design stage. The result offers an improved return on investment (ROI) and a proven solution for establishing low and zero energy building. Thermal storage has been decoded through precision engineering and has been widely applied in buildings all over the world.

The TermoBuild method represents the next evolutionary step and paves the way for subsequent generations of low-energy buildings. Moreover, thermal storage unveils a solution for dealing with our contemporary realities of over-consuming energy and its ensuing stress on our ecosystem. It costs the same to construct a thermally-charged building as it does a conventional, energy-guzzling building. In this sense, the TermoBuild design makes perfect business sense.

Our experts can provide you with a concise overview of our system works and how it fits perfectly in line with anyone seeking to construct high performance buildings at conventional costs.

For an up-to-the-minute status on how TermoBuild’s supercharged thermal storage buildings can work for your project, please contact our green team at

Building Smarter With Conventional Materials

Integrated design adds value and benefits in a wide range of buildings at no extra cost. To achieve this integrated design links mechanical system with the hollow core slabs in a way that it creates a smart structure from ordinary building elements to unleash dormant potential is needed.

Advanced Architectural Structures – is about building smarter with conventional materials.
By adding intelligence you can unleash the untapped potential of Thermal Energy Storage.
Indoor Air Quality is enhanced.

Green Tip #1 Night Pre-cooling to reduce your Carbon foot print.

Economics  of Peak Power Reduction without making ice at night are compelling.

Economics of radiant air comfort are compelling without the need for wet systems.