TERMOBUILD – The Thermal Mass and Energy Storage Specialists

“Building Green in California has Never Been Easier”

The California Green Building Standards Code, known as CALGreen comes into effect January 2011 and will become the first in the nation to pursue mandatory green building principles for newly constructed buildings. CALGreen’s comprehensive sustainable code measures previously applied in LEED buildings are now required for all new construction.

The two big questions are, as a design professional, developer or investor how are you affected by this mandate and how can your buildings comply with this mandate in a cost-effective way?

A strategic approach to complying with CalGreen’s code requirements is offered by TermoBuild through the use of innovative Thermal Energy Storage (TES) method.

The TermoBuild method achieves energy efficiency in brand new buildings by tapping into the unused potential of dormant floors.  By incorporating hollow core concrete slabs into floor and ceiling construction you can maintain radiant comfort without the use of complicated wet systems.  Even more beneficial, the system has no moving parts and its smart energy storage operates intuitively as a plug and play solution. Termobuild’s system pairs significantly smaller HVAC equipment with hollow core slabs to harness and distribute energy from a variety of natural and green sources.  While mechanical equipment is still necessary, its size is reduced and it’s relied upon primarily for back-up measures.

Termobuild’s time-tested integrated thermal energy storage solution works in a variety of climates and easily aligns with CalGreen’s stringent standards.

As a green-minded company, our method can easily combine with other green systems to synthesize an integrated solution with improved return on investment. Other systems that pair well with TermoBuild and accelerate their payback include Solar PV, Geothermal, Wind and On-Site Power Generation.

Examples of buidlings where TermoBuild has proven to be effective include: green schools, green colleges, green universities, green medical buildings, green offices, green homes, green hotels, green long term care facilities – to name a few.

Thermal energy storage is poised to be a key aspect that aligns with CalGreen’s energy efficiency chapter of the code. For those outside of California this method is equally attractive with social, environmental and economic benefits.

Termobuild’s green solution is focused on your new project needs.  Our simple ideas can help you do more with less. For more information, contact us by e-mail: greenteam@termobuild.com or call: 347.905.0865