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About Us

Termobuild is lead by Jack Laken, P.Eng. B.Sc., President of Termobuild

Our dedicated team of global leaders in decarbonization fills the critical gap with conventional building design and construction. He brings over 30 years of North American and International experience facilitating low energy building solutions with buildings rated as best in Canada, India and Recently USA.

We are different but don’t take our word for it. Read the case studies and testimonials, or even better, see for yourself. Our diverse, talented, and experienced team is here for one purpose, to serve you and the planet.

Climate Smart Buildings Begin with Simplification

Controlling Financial Losses

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  • Compare capital and lifecycle cost-saving vs other offerings
  • Reduce by 40% – 45% need for installed heating/cooling sources
  • Reduce by 25%-30% need for installed renewable energy sources
  • Reduce run to failure or repair costs due to fewer moving parts.
  • Simplify energy management systems and energy consumption
  • Reduce the need to train building maintenance personnel.

Control Material Losses

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  • Adopt sustainable construction practices (e.g., use recycled materials, minimize waster generation)
  • Implement waste management strategies (e.g. expand dormant concrete properties to eliminate several carbon intensive mechanical systems)

Environmental Benefits

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  • Reduced environmental impact through lower energy and resource consumption
  • Cost savings through reduced utility bills and maintenance expenses
  • Improved occupant comfort and productivity
  • Enhanced building reputation and market value
  • Compliance with environmental regulations and certifications


I was afraid my small budget wouldn’t be enough to make a difference.Termobuild folks really stepped up to transform our house into Net Positive one! My 7500 sq. Ft. custom house is using $4000.00 of energy a year while my Solar is making me $15.000.00.

Goutham and Gita Shaw,

Custom home owner

Jack Laken was great. Net positive portfolio of 175.000 portfolio of schools in S.C., USA


Proj. mngr.

Rechargeable buildings offer new standard for year-round edge in lowering risks.