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TermoBuild is an engineering design assist firm specializing in integrated ventilation design (IVD) solutions. We extend a building’s ductwork through the concrete flooring system to create a powerful, actively managed thermal mass for extremely efficient heating and cooling in any climate zone. It is a very simple engineering design with no moving parts, and no new equipment or complex software. 


The Basics

As illustrated, TermoBuild’s Integrated Building Ventilation Design (IVD) Assist utilizes a conventional building HVAC equipment and ducting integrated with standard hollow core concrete slabs, and a proprietary controls algorithm, to provide an inexpensive yet highly functional and efficient thermal storage mechanism for sustainable, net zero energy buildings.


Over the past 15+ years, TermoBuild has amassed a significant track record of successful projects in Canada and the United States. TermoBuild’s engineering design begins with its unique active thermal storage floor kit, which includes hollow core concrete slabs paired with a standard, but downsized, HVAC system.

The slabs store heat and coolness, mostly using fresh outside air, which is then released on demand to maintain desired comfort. It is user adjustable and has an instant boost option in the event of change from low to high occupancy.


Most of the year, integrated ventilation operates as a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) – without the high cost and energy consumption, bringing fresh air indoors while maintaining the highest standards of air quality and occupant comfort.

Re-circulation of stale air is rarely necessary, preventing sick building syndrome and the potential spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19. Year-round, non-hydronic radiant comfort provides the best occupant experience. Learn more here

TermoBuild enables a building to store free thermal energy for heating and cooling in hollow core concrete flooring slabs based on the time of day and outside/inside temperature differentials.

This captured thermal energy can then be used to heat or cool the building. TermoBuild’s design avoids mid-day premium time of use charges. Turning off the HVAC chillers during this period does not compromise comfort.

TermoBuild’s system will integrate with the architects/engineers preferred building equipment specification. In all cases, the equipment (e.g. the HVAC system) can be reduced in size and capacity to account for the increased thermal capacity of the building.

This can significantly reduce CAPEX for the project – from $10 – $50 per square foot.

Clients oF Termobuild can expect operational energy savings of 35% – 50% over standard building systems. This is due to the fact that downsized, standard building system can be utilized to gain deeper efficiencies.

Additionally, complex digital systems are unnecessary to maintain deep operational efficiencies, eliminating the need for additional maintenance training or personnel.

Additional built-in benefits

Tenant Comfort

With TermoBuild, Air quality is improved because fresh air is constantly flowing into the building while exhausting stale air to the outdoors. Quiet spaces like schools, libraries, theatres or places of worship, benefit from less noise from the ventilation system.


Most of the year TermoBuild’s systems work like a Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS). DOAS help to flush the indoor air and ventilation system from contaminants, odors, staleness, mold and microbial germs (like the flu) that can affect the health and comfort of the building occupants.

Digital Complexity

TermoBuild achieves deep efficiencies without having to rely on expensive new digital systems – although these more complex energy conservation measures (ECM) can be utilized, if desired, to achieve even higher savings, or net zero energy consumption.

Resilience / Safety

TermoBuild buildings can retain a comfortable indoor environment for several days without the operation of its HVAC infrastructure. Brownouts, blackouts, and other utility related demand management events (Demand Response) will not affect the indoor environment.


Most of the year TermoBuild’s systems work like a Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS). DOAS help to flush the indoor air and ventilation system from contaminants, odors, staleness, mold and microbial germs that affect the health and comfort of the building occupants. TermoBuild’s design assist makes buildings more resilient – to the point of potentially becoming an emergency shelter during a crisis.

Space Savings

Ceilings can be made higher due to reduced space requirements for the building’s ductwork. This enhances the ambiance of the rooms while also contributing to better air quality.


Space savings from smaller ductwork etc., can amount to 7% to 13%. In some cases, more floors can be added in the same building height. Additional space can also be gained for storage or other building needs.


Architects and building designers can utilize the space savings, higher ceilings, and less ductwork to add flexibility to the design process. With additional space and less cumbersome design limitations, architects have the freedom to create spaces that are more pleasing to building occupants and owners.


With added resiliency built into its structure, the building can be responsive to many financial incentives available in the electricity markets today. These include Demand Response events, energy efficiency credits, and expensive time of use pricing avoidance.


TermoBuild also allows buildings to get closer to Net Zero, or even net positive, energy consumption – requiring less renewable sources of energy to accomplish these goals.

  • Significant Avoided Costs

  • Overbudget Remediation

  • Design Performance Guarantee

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Net Zero Design & Construction

Green building and net zero energy present a significant risk to exceeding budgets. Yet, with Termobuild, a lean budget and high performance are guaranteed. Integrated Ventilation cast a bright light on Net Zero challenges and opportunities, managing risk and extracting overlooked value and benefits. Fast facts:

Best Performing School - EUI of 8.35 Kwh/sf/y

Enabled the best performing(energy consumption) school in Canada. ASHRAE Heating Cooling Zone 7. All HVAC equipment made in USA

Largest Net Positive Development

Recently completed largest Net Postive educational development in North America. 650,000 sq.ft. in South Carolina

Building Code Compliance

Complies with latest ASHRAE Ventilation, Building and Fire Codes.

Collaboration with Architects

Partnered with world-class architectural firm to complete $150M college in Ontario, Canada

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