Building AS A Whole

The future looks bright with rechargeable buildings

Build as a a whole approach

By combining passive concrete floors with Heating and Cooling systems facilitates Climate Smart rechargable buildings from the start. The minimalist approach is using lean construction budgets while delivereing exemplary results with energy sharing buidlings. Stand alone or Master planned super-blocks benefit from leveraging idle night time energy and deep decarbonization.

Value Add Edge

Creating energy-efficent buildings is not enough; We need to make them irresistible to end users.

Value creation is a pillar to winning formula.

Holistic View

Primary goal of Termobuild Climate Smart solution is a holistic view on how integration edge works for both buildings and energy supply systems. They begin to function in sync with each other. Rechargeable Building technology set to help many isoalted stakeholders to improve cost effectiveness of their virtually expanded capcacity to prevent environmental problesm, respond effectively to climent when they arise and to 

Decarbonization problem

Sustainable thermal energy storage and energy demand management solution for variety of buildings that works with multiple conventional air conditioning or heating systems. The Climate Smart floor kit (SFK) is based on proprietary cloud connected concrete edge that works with new construction and some existing buildings. The SFK is economical and does not require any additional space and volume, which enables swift installation in floors or roofs. The system “charges” cold, hot or “free” energy when available or mechanically during hours when electricity demand is low or there is a surplus of renewable energy, and “discharges” the energy during peak consumption hours, relieving the grid from the high air conditioning electricity. demands. @termobuild converging building elements into one “smart” asset reduces risk and future proof real estate value. Its not about risky hair pulling efforts trying to achieve carbon neutral outcomes.