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Our dedicated team of global leaders in decarbonization fills the critical gap with conventional building design and construction. He brings over 30 years of North American and International experience facilitating low energy building solutions with buildings rated as best in Canada, India and Recently USA.

Is truly exceptional because it combines thermal and electric energy into one multi-functional systems device. This will significantly increase the utilization of historically passive concrete floors.

Our Best Work.

Looking at the bigger picture on how to effectively decarbonize buildings? Gain insights edge into planning of low carbon buildings with your limited budget. Our simplification helps bring down the cost of low and zero carbon buildings with help of year-round storage and elevated comfort. This type of integration edge not easily found in many buildings. Thet have been listed in Guide to Net Zero schools.  

Basic system configuration

How to unlock full potential of your building?

It begins with your choice of heating and cooling equipment. Supply air is driven through ventilated smart floor kit delivering fresh air into the rooms. Heating or cooling is delivered via Main Duct “A” through smart floors into the space as required. Temperature controlled by user via wall mounted thermostats to suit their preferences. 

HVAC unit

Smart Floor Kit

Building Controls

Smart Floor Kit digitally groups and brings to life unused capabilities of dormant buildings assets to seamlessly integrate with energy grid.

This combined thermal and optional minimized Solar electrical energy allow the building to store excess electricity produced by on-site. Direct cost comparisons between batteries and thermal energy storage. For example, to enable concrete floors as thermal systems have zero or very lower capital costs to install, and the lifetime of thermal systems has no expiry date, whereas batteries typically have to be replaced after eight years.

Design Brief

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Learn the benefits of the TermoBuild system and how we can work with you to deliver the most sustainable, efficient, and healthy building for less.

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