Re-imagine what you think
about Climate Smart Industrial Buildings

Value Winning over Stakeholders

Indoor Ventilation taken to a new level.

What makes us Better.

  • Thermally charged buildings are Human Focused. Tech-Driven Edge.
  • Climate Smart for low or Net Zero Energy Medical buildings.
  • We add luxury comfort and safety without adding additional construction and operational costs.

Why Climate Smart Industrial Building.

  • It is about infection risk management with fresh air, climate resilient for safer outcomes during extreme weather.

  • Pay less for energy from the start.

  • Grow success with continuity of business and lower maintenance problems.

How important immediate advantages listed below

Construction savings

$10 to $50 per sf capital constuction cost avoidance and up to 30% operational cost saving over the the lifecyle of the building.

Energy cost savings

35%to48%energy savings or Net Positive

Carbon emissions

Embedded and opertional carbon reduction via simplification, size reduction and elimination of unncessary equipment

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality facilitates infection
risk management

Plug-in solution

Seamlessintegrationwith architectural plan,
mechanicalsystems, and renewable energys.

How it works

The system combines five mechanical systems into one, so that radiant heating and cooling, ventilation, and summer and winter thermal storage become one system. Utilizing a building’s HVAC equipment and ducting integrated with standard hollow core concrete slabs, and a proprietary controls algorithm provides a value-added, highly functional and efficient thermal energy storage mechanism that is future-proof.

Lower cost and higher profitability.
Our Regular or Net Zero LTC with built in thermal energy storage
starts with you in mind.

Year round charging… heating or cooling. Free energy from outside air, occupants, in-building equipment or mechanically during hours when electricity demand is low or renewable energy.
User controlled comfort and “discharging” of stored energy during peak hours maintains comfort, to relieve the grid from the high demand for power.
No need for addiitiionall space  and volume other than the floors already in place.Cloud based energy management edge is applicable to new construction and many existing buildings in a wide range of climate zones.

Forever RECHARGEABLE asset that does not degrade in
performance or need replacement

Thermal Storage Smart Floors

Medical and Assisted Living

Sustainablity and ROI Edge

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