Technology Nexus starts with concrete commodity transformed into a “smart” asset. Simplification enables “smart floors” capture, store and release thermal energy on demand. Building as a Battery (BaaB) simplifies the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). User adjustable indoor comfort maintained through controls algorithms.

Concrete as an asset, not an expense

Undeveloped investment opportunities

Concrete often perceived as a commodity. Thermal mass occasionally discussed but often other flooring systems selected.

Supercharged “Smart” floor ignites strategic pivot in building better buildings. Ask us how you benefit instantly.



DURING THE DAY the cooled supply air passes through the core in the slab to maintain desired space comfort. As the concrete structure itself is cooled, it absorbs the supply air heat much more efficiently than in a conventional system

NIGHT PRE-COOLING harvests free available cool air during night hours. Air moving through hollow core slabs supercharges with coolness. It provides a natural alternative to mechanical systems most of the year.

MECHANICAL SUPERCHARING occurs at night as it is the most favorable time to achieve it. Cool air flows through open-loop hollow core vents to required set point.


DURING THE DAY the building maintains user adjustable temperature with very little or no supplementary heating. Internal heat gains from people, lighting, equipment and occasional solar are efficiently absorbed by the structure. Most buildings need cooling even in winter, ours do not.

DURING THE NIGHT, rapid supercharging brings space temperature to desired set point. This is done by re-circulating warm air through the slabs. For very cold nights and weekends, additional heating may be required.

Energy Management using Concrete as a “smart” asset

During night hours, larger electrical loads are shifted to off-peak periods. Utility peak demand is thereby reduced. As such daytime, smaller cooling capacities are required to maintain desired comfort.

Energy that is charged into pre-cast floors concrete during the night is sufficient to offset 40% of daytime cooling hours.

Supercharged Net Zero 2.0

Nexus of a “smart” concrete cell amplifies communication among indoors and outdoors. Heating or cooling deliverred from a HVAC system of your choice


Building Code

Complies with latest Building Codes like IBC (International building code), NBC (National Building code of Canada), OBC (Ontario Building Code)

Fire Rating

Typical hollow core slabs have a two-hour fire rating. Integration of ductwork with hollowcore slab maintains UL fire rating.


Indoor air quality (IAQ) and Acoustical Comfort complies with latest ventilation requirements and guidelines.


Meet the criteria for certification programs such as the WELL Building Standard™ and LEED v4 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).