Why Termobuild

If you are on the lookout for new ways to enhance your building projects, consider the following:

Building as a Battery (BaaB™) aligns the new trend of Net-Zero Energy buildings and economics.

It is a perfect fit with “Smart City” or Grid-Interactive Net Zero Buildings.

3 Key points to consider:

  • · Smart floors make business sense

  • · Your building is your battery

  • · Simplify technology, strengthen profits

Your decision to use BaaB™ enables free radiant heating and cooling, energy efficiency and added safety.

It is easier to meet your broader needs without the extra cost.

Typical buildings applications: educational, healthcare, government, hospitality, nursing homes or active or assisted living retirement communities. If you design, own, manage or seek to invest in green real estate, consider “Building as a Battery”.

Ask us about side by side comparison of conventional buildings with our lean one. The findings may surprise you.

Plan ahead.

The intelligent building concept is best planned for in the early stages of new building design—the earlier, the better. Building as a Battery technology can also be applied to retrofit a number of existing buildings with hollow core slabs.

AI-driven, robust BaaB™ technology platform offers a potent recipe for making NZE economics both viable AND competitive!

Net Zero Buildings: Make your Informed decision!

Battery energy storage is often hailed as a “holy grail” to unlock a renewable energy future.

The advantage is concrete. Termobuild solution is simple:

  • Building as a Battery (BaaB™) based on humble everyday technology enables to do more with less.

  • Using concrete floors as rechargeable battery ( BaaB™ ) is cheap.

  • It fits into “Smart City” or Grid-Interactive Net Zero Buildings.

  • BaaB™ Business model geared for main stream market appeal.

In many instances upgrading to BaaB™ comes at no cost compared to conventional buildings. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a logical extension of BaaB™. It brings new trend alignment with market economics. Net-Zero Energy and Grid Interactive buildings have greater appeal. Non-utility financial benefits often overlooked in high performance buildings. With BaaB™ they can exceed energy savings up to 10 times.

Building as a Battery (BaaB™) is about you:

  • Making up-to-date decisions on efficiency and improved profitability.

  • Buying from a proven market leader.

  • Ask about your free bonus of built in: #resilience, #comfort and #safety.

When to engage us.

Our services are ideal in early design stage. Plug in solution we offer fills the gap that exists in the market. It goes beyond the scope of conventional design teams capabilities. Advanced integration complies with Fire, Building Code and ASHRAE latest ventilation recommendations. It is suitable for Building permit, tendering and construction.


Save your energy. Many of your architectural designs have the right building blocks in place. In fact, your building could be high performing. No change to your designs needed in many instances. Our integration plugs in to conventional designs. Conventional heating/cooling equipment works with “Building as a Battery” platform. Smaller HVAC eliminates the need for bulky mechanical systems. Do more with less, enjoy less call backs from a better building.

“Building as a Battery” is not a solution delivered to the site. It’s where smart money goes for better returns and a lower risk.

Gain advantage with today’s “high performance” standards. Position yourself and your business for new and profitable low energy buildings


Many busy professionals do not use dormant concrete as rechargeable battery. Free budget validation in context of your designs is available on request.

Successful buildings do not need radical rethinking. Now you can enable Smart City buildings that cost less compared to others. If you design, own, manage or are seeking to invest in green real estate, Termobuild is for you to create new value.

Our leadership helps to create predictable financial structures that exceed expectations.

Call today at: 416.993.5225. Ask how you can benefit. The answer may surprise you.