How It Works

TERMOBUILD leverages the scientific principle known as “thermal mass” through the integrated use of Hollow Core Slabs, Night Pre-cooling, and “Smart floors” to benefit you.

This method can help you to position your company for new developments with low energy or net zero/intelligent buildings critical in attaining enhanced market appeal and competitive advantage.

TermoBuild incorporates Hollow Core Slabs of concrete at the pre-construction stage without altering the architectural design. By strategically placing Hollow Core Slabs between the building’s walls and floors, hot and cold temperatures can be stored and released upon demand. As a result, TermoBuild eradicates the need for bulky mechanical equipment used in conventional energy-guzzling buildings. This powerful method decreases energy costs while raising the comfort level of the occupants.

Thermal properties of building materials are well know while the business value is not.

Night Pre-Cooling in TermoBuild Smart buildings allows to harvest cool air during the night when conditions are favorable (green tip #1). The cool air is super-charging the Hollow Core Slabs to provide a natural alternative to mechanically-driven air-conditioning systems. Similarly, warm air flows into TermoBuild buildings through strategically-placed open-loop vents to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures as required. Our Night Pre-Cooling structures help to shift larger electrical loads to off-peak periods. This reduces utility peak demand, since during the day smaller cooling capacities are required to perform the same task.

“Smart Floors” and thermal management controls ensure that thermal mass and comfortable temperatures (radiant air) are evenly distributed throughout the building. Using computer-settings, TermoBuild along with DIGI-DECK controls logic allows for owner adjustable space temperature management.

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is a cost-effective technology that can be implemented in new buildings to reduce the over-consumption of energy and save on heating and cooling bills long term. Through the use of hollow core slabs the principle of TES converts and stores off-peak energy in order to deliver year-round comfort in new homes or businesses 24 hours a day.

Off-peak hours are the times of day or night when utilities across USA and Canada have excess energy supplies due to low demands.

No one can deny the power of thermal storage. Contact Termobuild Green Team and ask how best to integrate conventional or renewable energy into your building structure.